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Zayt Quartet is a story of a journey

A project that axes from the meeting between the Senegalese percussionist and multi-instrumentalist DuduKouate the Israeli-Argentine singer Anahi Gendler the Italian saxophonist Roger Rota and master director Fakhraddin Gafarov from Azerbaidian, oud, tar, saz balaban and ney player.


Original compositions, jazz-derivedechoes, limericks, traditional songs from West Africa and voice games in Hebrew are extrapolated from their usual context to be mixed and reorganized according to an instinctive and liberating approach. Their music recounts the search for a deeper communication, exciting and invigorating between human beings, different languages, worlds and cultures.

" We always thought that only by joining our diversity we could tell our stories with a unique language. The language of music, listening, smiles, hugs, the sights that go beyond the borders of our land, and find themselves united in one world. A world in which there are no more injustice, diversification of race, gender, or religion. With all our hearts, we dedicate our songs to those who suffer, to those who struggle for a better world and to those who smile every day in honor of love. ZAYT "

Anahi Gendler - Voice

Born in Israel in 1989 by a family with Argentine and Eastern European origins, she studied opera singing at the Conservatory of Bergamo with masters Mary Lindsay, Caterina Calvi and Maurizio Zappatini. She graduated in Museummediation, studies Humanities, Intercultural Counseling and deals with art workshops, music and theater at art galleries and schools of infancy and early childhood. She worked in Tel Aviv in a kindergarten nest as trainer of preparatory music and group listening, took a course in pet therapy and currently composes, writes and sings in several musical realities ranging from jazz-blues to songs from the Middle East, Iberian peninsula and Argentina stirring warm tones and antique reverberations.

DuduKouate - Percussions, Xalam

Born in Senegal in 1963 by a family of griots, known to be the custodians of African cultural tradition and music. After humanistic studies in his country he moved to Europe. He lives in Bergamo, where he teaches African percussions ince many years. He gives clinics on the history of traditional African instruments, trying to trace the territorial boundaries of the populations. Percussionist, instrumentalist, playing in various bands and theatrical productions.The constant search for the sound (sound of elements), has always lead him to new experiences in the world music. Recognized enhancer of traditional instruments, especially percussion and idiophones, he has managed to devise their inclusion within the diversity of musical contexts.

Roger Rota - Saxophone and duduk

Roger graduated in bassoon at the Conservatory in Bergamo in 1983, teaches and performs professional work in the field of classical and jazz. Recorded discs with different formations, held concerts in Italy and abroad, professionally collaborated with RAI and Mediaset networks. He played in the Duke Ellington Repertory Orchestra files, since 1989 is leading various ensembles with whom he has given numerous concerts and recorded compact discs, directs Ensemble Mobile, orchestral training (Jam Musicians Association). Lover of Middle Eastern scales and makam with his soprano sax and duduk sounds of ancient melodies.

Fakhraddin Gafarov - Tar, Oud, Saz, Balaban, Ney

Born in Azerbaijan, Fakhraddin Gafarov began studying music at an early age. At twelve, he won two state-level competitions, and in the following years he continued his studies at the Conservatory and the Academy of Music. In parallel he began teaching career and his concert activity as a soloist and member of the Orchestra of State Radio and Television. Later become director of the School of Music and obtained the post of director of the Baku Conservatory. In Italy since 1999, plays an intense concert activity as a soloist and in collaboration with different musicians, presenting a classical music repertoire (mugham), traditional countries such as Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Turkey, Iran, the Arab countries, and Sufi music.